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Find and Buy Used Pickup Trucks, 4x4's, Diesels, and Dump Trucks

Buying a used  truck only makes sense.  A new truck depreciates the second the front wheels hit the pavement and by the time the back wheels follow along it's not worth half of what you just paid for it.  And let's face it, if you're in the market for a any kind of truck, you're probably planning to put it through a workout.  Still, there are some things you need to watch for when you're buying a used  truck online.

First, it helps to have at least a broad idea of what type of truck you're looking for.  The more information you can use to narrow down your search the easier it will be to sift through all the ads.  Type in 'used truck' and you'll see millions of listings.  Type in 'used pickup truck' and your options start to narrow which makes your search a lot easier.

You'll find all makes and models of used trucks for sale online – pickups, diesels, 4X4s, dump trucks, even flatbeds and 18-wheelers.  Here are some specific things to look for:

Buying Used Pickup Trucks:

What size engine are you looking for, V6 or V8?  Do you know what size bed you need?  Do you want an extended cab?  And what kind of mileage are you looking for?  When buying a used pickup, remember that they usually take quite a beating.  Make sure you get plenty of pictures and ask if they have a maintenance log.

Buying Used Diesel Trucks:

The thing to remember with diesel trucks is that the engine actually runs better and gets better mileage after it's got a few miles on it.  So a used diesel truck with 10,000 miles it is just getting warmed up.

Buying Used Dump Trucks:

Aside from size and load capacities you'll want to make sure the hydraulics and lift gate work properly.  Again, make sure you get plenty of pictures to verify the condition and ask for copies of maintenance logs.

Buying Used 4X4 Trucks:

If you're looking for a used 4X4 then you already know how they're used.  Again, the most important thing you need to look for on this type of truck is the maintenance log.  A lot of people never even use their 4-wheel drive.  But if they do, they usually use it to the max.  Check the axles and the transmission for sure and make sure the 4-wheel drive actually works.

It's also important to know your budget.  Will you be trying to work a trade or paying cash or have you been pre-qualified for financing?  Again, this will help narrow your search. And you also need to remember that when you're buying a used truck online you're probably not the only one interested.  If you've already arranged financing you won't have to worry about missing out on a killer deal.

People have been buying and selling used trucks online for quite a while now so don't be afraid to ask all the questions you want.  Sellers are generally very understanding.  But if they're not?  Move On!  There are plenty of other trucks out there.  If a seller won't answer your questions that probably means they're trying to hide something.

Ask for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):  Ask the seller for the vehicle identification number so you can run a check at  At the very least you'll find out if the truck's been involved in any accidents.  

Ask for Maintenance Records:  Ask to see copies of maintenance records, especially if they're trying to sell you a truck that's been repaired in any way.  You'll want to know if repairs have been done following the proper procedures so the warranty, if it's still applicable, won't be voided.

Ask for the Odometer Reading:  This is a no-brainer.  Make sure you ask about the mileage.  A certified mechanic will be able to tell you if the odometer's been tampered with.

How have they been using the truck:  If you think it's necessary, ask how they've been using the truck.  Did they only use it to drive to church on Sunday or have they been hauling lumber across state for the past 6 months?

Test Drive It And Take It To A Mechanic:  This should be obvious but – don't buy it until you test drive it and get it checked out by a reputable mechanic.  

Just how safe is it to buy a used truck online?  That's your real question, isn't it?  It's just as safe to buy that truck online as it is to buy it at your neighborhood used car lot.  And that means you need to be careful, but no more so than if you were buying it from someone you know.  Here are some things to look for:

Contact information:  Make sure the site you're visiting has contact information prominently displayed.  And then, before you hand over any money, use that contact information to make sure it's real.  

Secure payment processing:  Chances are you're going to go see the used truck you're buying and hand over the money in person.  However, if you do make some type of payment online make sure the site is displaying some type of notification that states it has safe and secure payment processing.

Guarantees and warranty information:  Most sites these days will have guarantee or warranty information prominently displayed if applicable.  When buying a used truck, you want to know the site itself is reliable but any guarantee or warranty for the truck will have to come directly from the seller.

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